Friday, February 20, 2009

Maturity part 3

If a person, be it male or female, are nagging every time they are confronted with the truth or at times they make fun of the truth, it is immaturity. I find it quite funny that there are women that I know tend to be foolish. Don’t get me wrong. Being serious doesn’t mean maturity also.

I do admit, I am a bit one-sided on this. Why? Because I often hear ladies saying that the bachelors are immature, irresponsible, lack etiquette, etc. (I am speaking on particular crowd, not in general). Oh, and by the way, not all comic/TV/Movie geeks, cartoonists, comic fans and the likes are immature individuals. In fact, it usually proves the opposite (a cartoonists need ideas to keep materials flowing, and being open to ideas are needed).

Maturity is a lifelong process. It is so wrong for a person to keep accusing another person of immaturity. After all, immature people will eventually mature. All he needs is time and the right attitude. The right attitude that you need other people to guide you to road called maturity.

I don’t consider myself a mature person. I still have a long way to go. However, I’m not rushing. I’ll learn one step at a time. Admitting what I did wrong and accepting the disciplinary action in front of 100+ plus people is clear indication. Still, a long way to maturity. This is my journey. To those people, be it men and women, who said that I am childish, immature, etc., it’s okay. Like I said, this is my journey. I’ll take your words into consideration, but isn’t it funny that I didn’t meddle in your own journey? Maturity is a lifelong process.

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