Friday, February 6, 2009

The "Bobby Jones" attitude

My favorite sport is basketball. No, I’m not athletically built. In fact, I never made it to our high school varsity team because teachers say I am more academically inclined. A high school coach once told that i will surely improve because of my love for the game, but I will never be a member of a varsity team. I never grew taller than 5’6”. Besides, I don’t have the discipline of an athlete. Putting all of that, it shows that I am not cut out to be a player. Besides, even back then, I am contented just by watching it.

As my favorite sport, my favorite players are not Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, etc. I go for Dirk Nowitzki and Peja Stojakoic. I also go for Pete Maravich, Toni Kukoc and yes, Larry Bird. You guest it, I like shooters. After all, you’ll score if you made the shot. However, what fascinate me other than shooters are players who do the dirty jobs. In Philippine Baskteball Association, what I know who do that is Jun Marzan, Alvin Teng, and Yves Dignadice. It’s like doing the jobs superstars will not do.

Recently, I browsed on the net about basketball players. I came across Robert Clyde "Bobby" Jones. He’s not that familiar, especially if you’re not born in the late 70’s – early 80’s era. He’s a defensive player. He doesn’t do it throwing elbows and things like that, he does defense by hustling. His unselfish way of playing is also admired. Even if his role is a reserve, he’ll take that role, things that I rarely hear and see to pros both here and abroad. After the game is over, he’ll just go out as nothing. Former teammate and one of the NBA 50 greatest Julius Erving once said, “He’s a player who’s totally selfless, who runs like a deer, jumps like a gazelle, plays with his head and heart each night, and then walks away from the court as if nothing happened.” In other words, he is at peace with himself.

With Christian values engraved in him, it came to a point one time that he admitted that he’s the one guilty of foul, not his teammate (most Old Church folk who play ball don’t do that nowadays) or the opponents.

He plays at his best because he believes that no doing your best is un-Christian. Yes, he really did give his best, even if what he’s doing is not usually notice in score board or the committee’s table.

After reading that site about Bobby Jones, it struck me, and I hope it also strike the readers. Are you willing to do the dirty work? Oops, let me rephrase that: are you willing to do a very low profile work? After a very successful activity, be it school, church, or work, do you have the nerve or character to go out of the room as if nothing happened? Do you give your best to the task assigned, even if your department is rarely heard of? If you’re a church person, are you willing to do the low profile ministries? In the old church, being an usher, a janitor, and an artist are what I consider low profile ministries. (Off topic a bit: To be blunt, typical politicians is out of the game here because politics is usually not only a numbers game but also by popularity. In the first place, you will not win the election if you’re POPULAR. Now back the topic).

This message is for every church guys and gals out there, including myself: let’s set aside those egos (if not eliminate) and let’s do our best in what ministries we are assigned. After a days’ work in that Ministry, go home as if nothing happened, even if that day YOU’RE THE MAN/WOMAN. It’s not wrong to celebrate and be festive, but it’s not also wrong to be modest.

Do you have the character to have a “Bobby Jones attitude” in your home, school, office, and ministry?

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