Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unpopular, yet still a gentleman at the end

"I believe there ought to be, you know, one person in the klieg lights at a time, and I've had my time in the klieg lights."
These words were stated by Outgoing US President George W. Bush on his final press conference as the President of the United States of America. Yes yes yes. He’s one of the most unpopular leaders of our time (Our own President GMA has her own shares of unpopular decisions, big shares…hehehe). He’s a staple in night shows, protest groups (both in their homeland and here in the Philippines), Democrats, etc. There’s even a show poking fun PURELY on him (“That’s my Bush”).
He has unpopular decisions as a President. I don’t want to mention them, because I’m not in a position to mention them. Still though, despite his being unpopular, I admire those statements from a President. It’s like, “when it’s over, it’s over.” I don’t care what’s on his mind when he’s saying those words. I don’t even care if that was done by sincerity or hypocrisy. It’s a statement that only a true gentleman can say. It shows humility.
The Filipino politicians should learn a thing or two regarding Dubya’s statement. When your term in office is over, it’s over. Yes, passing the good legacy and passing on the name with that legacy to your sons and daughters are not wrong. However, when an incoming President, VP, Governor, Vice Governor, Mayor, Vice Mayor, Barangay Head, and Sangguniang Kabataang (SK) Head (all executive positions) took his/her oath of office, even if not your party affiliates, let them be the star in their own term.
I can still remember when I was an Organization President (point of example only, not to boast of something). When my term is over, I never spoke a word against the New President. I call it courtesy, pal. Even if some of the Prexy’s people don’t like me, I respected his office. No, I don’t consider myself a stereotypical gentleman. I’m not. Let the incoming officers be the star. Just gracefully go out. Let them shine. After all, those incoming officers will also have their hard times and unpopular moves in the coming days, weeks, months, and even years. Retire gracefully. Enjoy your private life. If there are people who are whispering to your ears that the new officers are like this and that, just listen, but don’t fall bait into it.
Time and time again, let’s learn from this, well, unpopular gentleman. He maybe unpopular, but he’s still a gentleman. I don’t care what’s in their heads, at least they demonstrated OUTWARDLY. That’s courtesy, my friends.

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