Monday, January 26, 2009


Praise God! After 6 years, I finally got my transcript of records, diploma, and certificate at graduate school. Thus, officially, I am a graduate of Master of Education in Educational Management (MEd). Yes, it’s lower than Master of ARTS in Educational Management (MAEd). Still though, it’s still a graduate degree. However, the only problem is that I can’t take up my PhD in that University. I need to take a bridge program to make it to the PhD. Still, this is worth thanking for. After all, not all were given the chance to study in graduate school, much so to graduate.

Praise God and I knew it! Last month, I told Mom and Amie that I believe that I’ll receive my transcript, diploma, and certification AFTER my public apology in the Old Church. Why? God doesn’t me to boast to the Old Church. Besides, God is just. He’ll only pour out the blessings intended for me IF I do what God wants: for a Christian to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Hmmmmmmmmmm…with the way things are going, looks like 2009 will be my year. God really blesses my 1st month of being in the Old Church after 2 years and 7 months of being in “exile”. Maybe I’ll try Mensa and part time teaching. Maybe I’ll do intensive workout this time around. But before all of that, I’ll go back Bible studying again once a week. I’ll strike while the iron is hot. Maybe, just maybe, in general, this will be my year. I hope and pray.

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