Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Classic Assumption...yet wrong

When I went back to the Old Church, some people say that the reason why I went back after only two years is because MONEY TALKS. It’s a classic assumption. People above lower middle class, the middle middle class and higher middle class, are often being accused of using the money as a means to fix the problems, even in Baptist churches. That predicament follows when God blessed you with material things. Let me tell this once and for all: no money was involved. In fact, I have said many times that I will negotiate this on my own. Yes, as members of that church, our family, especially my Mom, gives offering because Malachi 3:10 said so. However, money pertaining to the bribery? Nope. To those who still have that assumption in mind despite saying these statements, I will respect your opinion. Besides, if you’ll read my blog posts, I talk to Old Church Pastor at least once a month when I’ll be allowed to return. When you’re persistent in asking your Pastor about your return, it shows your sincerity. I can’t blame the one who said that: he’s excommunicated since 1999 (if my memory is right).

Just like my other posts, I want to be blunt: to the person who has this assumption, I will still respect you and your opinion. You know who you are. However, let me tell you this: fix your own problem first. First, admit your own mistakes to God and the church (in this department, of course you need the Old Church’s go signal, and in order to do that, you should talk personally or by phone to the Old Church Pastor himself). I can’t disclose deeply your own problem, man, but you know it. Stop doing those alibis. It is impossible that you didn’t do even HALF of what is being said against you. There is evidence. Besides, my case is personal in nature, and the other party just squealed. Your case is different. You didn’t only do that (you know what that is), you also did OTHER stuff TO THE BRETHREN. In other words, you’re hitting the Church of God itself! Not only that, you’re hitting Old Church Pastor. Not to mention what you’re saying in Friendster bulletins. You also emailed a Pastor, and a former member now in other church. Man, I don’t hate you. It’s just that it’s unfair to accuse me of such. After all, I myself always asked Old Church Pastor regarding my case, how about you? I admitted my mistakes, how about you? As much as possible, I avoided other Pastors that know Old Church. Yes, I said my side of the story because my side was never heard by the Old Church People, but at the end of my chat, I stated that I still respect the Old Church and that I understand their decision because Biblical standards must prevail. How about you? Why not just settle things one at a time? Why not talk to Old Church Pastor to settle those stuff gradually? By the way, you almost spread discord by your emails and statements. Instead of doing that, why not stay TEMPORARILY to another Baptist church that is not connected with the Old Church and have a ministry there (sincerely do it, please?)? If you’ve done that earlier, Old Church and Old Church Pastor, I believe, will reconsider. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. If you are humble enough, man, God will take of you each step of the way.

God knows I tried to fix my problem, so please try fixing yours. Don’t find faults to be used against the brethren. By doing so, you’re just proving to the Old Church that they are right in excommunicating you. Not to mention that your discord might cause unsaved souls not to go to church so that they’ll hear God’s Message. If there are souls that didn’t go to the church because of your discord and your alibis, their blood will be on your account when they died unsaved. You know who you are, pal. I’m no longer angry at you. Just fix yourself and your life. Your life is God’s business and not mine. Other people’s life is God’s business, not ours. God will surely judge them. Not only them, also both of us. Individual accountability, pal. Think about that. Yes, I understand the envy, the bitterness, the pride, and the hate. Now, after feeling that way, pray to God that He’ll give you the strength to bounce back, fix your problem, and be humble. I know you’re man enough to face this fact: it is you who must approach the Old Church first, being the one who committed sins. Don’t look on your right, nor on your left. What matters now is you. It’s up to you to decide…spiritual brother. If you want “grace” to be applicable on you, then be “humble”. After all, in order to receive grace, you must be humble.

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