Friday, November 28, 2008

Being a seminar speaker about my hobby

Just recently (Monday, September 24), I was invited by a Cavite based group of student journalists and advisers in their event. The host school is St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences (SDCAS), located in Bacoor, Cavite. When I entered into their campus, man, i felt overwhelmed. "Is this the lecture place? Wow!"

It was hosted by Jonathan Sta. Maria, SDCAS student affairs coordinator, who is so accommodating and funny as a host that he'll give stand up comedians a run for their money. Hehehehehehehe. Seriously, he's so accomodating. (Keep up the good work!)

On my first lecture, I discussed editorial cartooning, which is for me, is so difficult to discuss. After that, a one hour competition on editorial cartoon. Lunch time came and after that, i immediately started the lecture on comic strip drawing. After that, a one hour competition on comic strips drawing. The host-school gave me full authority on what criteria I based my judgments (an artist's haven).

Again, the host-school is so accomodating, friendly...not to mention the beautiful delegates (look at the pictures). These students came from four schools, Cavite State U - Silang campus, Cavite State U - Naic Campus, St. Joseph, and of course, the host school SDCAS. What touches me is their trust to the artist. These students absorbed the lectures. In addition, after my lectures, students wanted to get a soft copy of my power point presentation. Maybe they will make an echo seminar of sort (organization people are familiar with that term).

My gratitude to Prof. Noel Manarpiis of Cavite State University - Silang for inviting me to be their speaker, Prof/Mr. (I don't know, forgive me sir. I don't know how will i address you) Jonathan Sta. Ana for the accomodation and being a humorous person. Because of your humor, I became comfortable in your school. I also thank the SDCAS students who assisted me in my lectures.

You know what? If all schools/organizations are the same with the host school/organization, no artists will be discouraged and...starved. After this lecture, i was motivated to improve my craft even more.

No, i'll still have my day job, i finally got the hobby that I will stick into my hyperactive personality.

Again, thank you very much for the trust, confidence, and warm accomodation. :)