Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally, my "kid sistah" and I have finally met after two years

After two years, Kid Sistah Theta (aka Chubby Cheeks, blackheart, Cheeklet...) and I have finally met.

She is a good poet, and yes, she's an Emo. As I promised to her, I gave her a copy of GradS Tayo 2: The Kolokoy's Magic Van. She never expected that I'll drop by in her Makati apartment. Good thing I am very familiar with that particular place in Makati.

She was so surprised and so happy she hugged me. I gave her an autographed copy of GT2. What makes her special to me is that she's my very first fan. However, don't get me wrong. I never treated her like a fan; I treated her like an online friend. I even call her kid sistah. She's also the reason why I tried poetry.

Yes, she's my very first fan. She's a constant follower of GradS Tayo strips that I put in deviantart. No. She's the ONLY one following the strip. After all, I don't see myself as a celebrity. What makes her special? I was motivated even more to continue drawing strips (how much more if there are many followers). When I saw her smile and i felt her hug like a fan hugging a...well...celebrity...I felt honored. It's quite rare for me to receive compliments in this field. Most of the time, I receive an indifferent response, even to the one whom I consider my influence. Still though, it's okay. At least it taught me to appreciate people more because I experienced the negative. You don't see me snubbing people intentionally or automatically (due to constant snubbing; it became a way of life...hehehe) because of that particular reason

I don't want to treat Kid Sistah as a fan. After all, I'm not famous. I'm not a celebrity. I'm even ordinary looking. My face is forgettable. My good efforts are unremembered (remember the Old Church thing?). That's why I call her Kid Sistah.

Honestly, I feel like I'm a celebrity of sort or a cult icon during that time. However, I know I am still a NOBODY, and maybe I will remain a NOBODY. After all, I am a frequent recipient of indifferent responses in the comic strip world. If not for my like for comic strips, I could have given up.

To all readers, please read kid's sistah's site, she's a very nice poet. Just ask for her deviant account. You'll like her, and her journal entries. Even if I'm not a cartoonist, I'll still have that kind of recommendation. Even if she's not a fan, I'll still do the same. Why? "God loveth a cheerful giver"...this also includes introducing good, sensible people that you know to your other friends.

Thank you very much again, Kid Sistah. I promise to make GradS Tayo and my other upcoming projects better. People like you are giving me an added boost for me to continue doing simple, yet (trying to be) sensible comic strips.

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