Wednesday, October 15, 2008

positive perspective in an unexpected place and event

One time in the University library, it crossed in my mind to visit my former classmate who happens to be working also as one of the Library staff. He told me that he’ll go to Sagada, the place that I am very much interested to go ever since I heard the name and saw it on TV. I told him that time for me is not as flexible as it was few years back. I added that I wasted those privileges. I added that the privilege (of going out of town with Mom saying it’s okay) is gone. Then, I began to share. I told him my experiences. Yes, I shared the “classic 2006 event” that changed my life, and my church membership (on a temporary basis for reasons that I have shared to you many times).
As I share, he can’t help but share his optimism. However, one statement of his struck me. He said, “She (my ex) made your life colorful, and you should thank her for that”. Yeah, for all of those OBJECTIVITY JUNKIES and MATURE EFFECT MOJOS, you surely know what that means. (Note: Samuel heard God’s still small voice when he’s a kid, and Moses saw the Burning Bush when he’s 80. Does that mean Moses is more stupid than Samuel? Does that mean Samuel is MORE MATURE than Moses? Individual differences, remember?) Still, let me share this one MY STYLE.
It’s a new, yet so old perspective. That former classmate is right: my ex-girlfriend made my life colorful. I know that I realized it too late than some mature mojos and objectivity junkies. Hehehehe. She made my life colorful. I discovered my weaknesses further. I also discovered my strength that I didn’t see before. I discovered, through the New Church, that I am capable of organizing things up. I discovered that I can organize Inter-Church activities with only at least 15 young people. This couldn’t have happened if I was not excommunicated. Well, maybe some people will say that it happens because of “Romans 8:28” (see the Bible verse for details) (funny, they forgot to mention Isaiah 55:8). They can say what they wanted to say and it’s their right. However, I can also say what I wanted to say sensibly. Foolish for some, hypocrisy for others, and tough for few, but this is true: I should thank my ex-girlfriend for giving me a life full of colorful learning experiences. Because of that, I thank her. My love and patience was push to the limits because of her. I thank her for that. Even if she hardens her heart to the next level to the point of blocking of supposed come back to the Old Church, it will just give me room to be a better person. When the room for vengeance, hatred, and pride was exhausted, at the end, I’ll still bring with me the medal of God-given wisdom from experiences. Whatever she will do to me, it will just give me more room to improve myself as a person.

To my ex-girlfriend, thank you very much. You improved me in ways that you didn’t know. I hope you’ve also your learned the way I learned mine.
Besides, I’m 28 years old. If God wants me to live until 70 or more, I still have many things to learn on this life’s journey. So many things God has in store for me. Yes, the desire to be back in the Old Church is there, but this time, I’ll leave it to God more than ever. I’ll no longer do those follow-ups. I have demonstrated my intensions and desires to them; I think those pleadings are more than enough for Old Church Pastor to see.
Again, thank you very much to my ex-girlfriend. It was a nice lecture etched in gold. You made me a better person!

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camery said...

:) Nice to read this post. :) Everything happened for a reason. Now you see the reason why. :) Sometimes it takes fire for Gold to be pure and to shine even more.

:) God may prune our branches (through trials and painful experiences) but it only means He wants us to grow more so we can bear more fruits.

God bless. :)