Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It’s been quite a while that I had a discussion with someone, especially regarding Christian living.

I said this because recently, someone reacted to my post in a messenger group (name withheld as a respect to the group). The group topic is about pre-marital sex and if it’s forbidden (or “bawal” in Tagalog). Being a Baptist Christian, I responded to the topic by citing a Biblical chapter that talks about this very same topic. It is found in I Corinthians 5. In that chapter, Apostle Paul got a reliable report that pre-marital sex (“fornication” is the Biblical term) is “commonly reported”. I don’t want to lecture regarding Greek lifestyle and their being polytheists, but sex is somehow part of pagan worship (if I’m not mistaken).

In other words, I cited how New Testament Church responds to a brother/sister who committed fornication. I just didn’t mention the details of the discipline. In addition, I also mentioned that I don’t play self-righteous in all this. I just stated what the Bible is saying. Guess what? Someone reacted.

He reacted to the point that he used terms like “self-righteous”, “Zealots”. By the looks of it, he’s a well-read fellow. What caught my ire is that he said that he’s amazed that there are people who talk as if they know what God likes and dislikes. He also said that there are people who seem to have a literal conversation with God.

I gave a reply. I said that a person is self-righteous if he condemns after he had heard what a brother in Christ did. I also said the “hate the sin, not the sinner”. I also added that there’s nothing wrong with the Biblical principles. What is wrong, I said, is the attitude of some believers AFTER the damage has been done. (Besides, you’ll only excommunicate a brother in Christ if he’s not repentant of his sins AND he’s boasting of that sin).

What I don’t like in his post is not his view, but his post is hate-driven, geared against Christians, the so-called “self-righteous”. I also added that I never have a literal conversation with God. However, I mentioned Luke 16:31, just to hit that wrong attitude of his towards Christianity. Besides, when you say someone is a Zealot, that means that person holds a strong loyalty towards Jewish tradition, and traditions of men are not encouraged by Jesus Christ Himself.

Okay, I admit, there are sometimes attitude problems with church members regarding a brother who sinned before God and men. Christian churches are putting so much emphasis on fornication as if it is the only sin worthy of publicly declaring. What about lying to the point of causing discord? An OPEN drunkard ridiculing a brother or sister? Thus, it is okay to just kick someone’s ass because he was excommunicated or say cursing words because he’s excommunicated (which is VERY FAR OUT OF THE BIBLE). Putting it strictly, all sins are worth disciplining. Unfortunately, only fornication was given the limelight. Still, when you read the Bible, it is not so.

Hours later, I found that he’s gay and has a boyfriend. Now, that makes a perfect sense. Now I understood him. Still, I will abide by what I have said in those posts. After all, I was not self-righteous when I mentioned those posts. In fact, I admitted my past sins. I also said that I’m also a sinner.

Yes, self-righteousness does exist inside Baptist church, but that doesn’t automatically mean that the Bible is wrong about fornication. In fact, a so-called Christian’s self-righteous attitude proves the Bible’s authenticity more. It just shows that the Bible comes from God, and God used men to write His Word (because humans will read it). This only shows that the standards in the Bible came from God as a guide line and protection for Christians. If the Bible really comes from men, you’ll notice biases in favor of the writer, like a Congressman who makes laws that will benefit ONLY him. It is in the Bible that you’ll see King Solomon’s wisdom. It is the same Bible that you’ll see King Solomon who married 700 wives and have 300 concubines. It is in the Bible that you’ll see Samson being the strongest man. It is in the same Bible that you’ll read Samson falling in Delilah’s charms, resulting to his lost of God-given strength, hair, and even his eyes. Rarely will you find a book (if there’s one, maybe they imitated the format of the Bible) that will show a king’s weaknesses. Where did we see that Peter denied Christ thrice? In the Bible.

When a Christians mention Bible verses, that doesn’t automatically mean self-righteousness. It just shows that that Christian want God Himself to speak to the listeners/readers.

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