Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fornication and Youth Leaders and Young Preachers part 3

The last time I heard about him, he defended his side. He said that she’s not his girlfriend. Yes, according to him, the fornication took place. However, he was seduced. Partially, I believed him. Why? Remember what my best friend told me? However, that is fornication. Besides, if he’ll not be disciplined, where is the order in the church? God is the God of order.

Now, why I shared this LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post? I share this to warn Male Youth Leaders and Young Preachers out there against fornication. Especially in our society (especially in Baptist churches), even if you are seduced, still, you’ll still get the BIG BULK of DISCIPLINE. The sad part? The lady will go scot-free, even if she really seduces you guys. Honestly, in the Old Testament times, when two people committed adultery, BOTH of them will be stoned (yes, BOTH). However, we can’t deny the reality that sometimes, even in churches, culture still matters (for example, “marry the girl, you committed fornication with her, so marry her; babae ang amin”).

Don’t get me wrong. There should be order and sets of Biblical standards in the church. Especially in moral issues such as adultery and fornication, a church should have a Biblical standard. However, church people should investigate very well. Still though, especially in the Philippines, youth leaders and young preachers usually end up losers. Usually, it is us who are given the severe discipline. In fact, the girls who made the seduction (if youth leader is REALLY seduced; God knows the truth) just go scot-free. She is considered a victim in this (personally, I consider women who experienced rape and qualified seduction as victims, but if the fornication is consensual, BOTH should serve the church discipline).

Still though, youth leaders and young preachers, let’s be careful. There are really so called Christian women who have pleasures in seducing us. It’s sort of a “women use sex to have power” thing. Don’t get me wrong, ladies. I’m no women hater. I’m just telling that women like these really exist inside the church. Sometimes, they may look and sound harmless, but you’ll be surprised…REALLY!

Take it from what I shared. Take it from me – the one who experienced that kind of predicament. Yes, fornication is a sin, and sin has its price that a man must pay. Thus, be careful guys. When someone committed fornication, you’re not guiltless, guys, EVEN if you’re seduced, especially in a maternal country like the Philippines.

Again, this 3 part posts are not to degrade women, but to remind youth leaders and young preachers about fornication and its consequences (as I have shared it).

May God bless you and strengthen you, youth leaders, the unsung heroes inside Baptist churches and young preachers, the men who helped your Pastors. Keep up the good work!!!

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