Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fornication and Youth Leaders and Young Preachers part 2

Now fast forward. These two youngsters committed fornication. Who shared that to me? The lady. Normally, a youth leader of a Bible Baptist congregation will tell it to the Pastor. I didn’t tell it. She requested me not to say it. No, she IMPERETOUSLY requested for not to reveal it. Being the youth leader, I did. One job of a youth leader is counseling, and as a counselor, I must not reveal secrets of youngsters who shared them (except if he/she murdered someone, or if the offense will divide the church). She approached me like she’s pitying herself. She shared these in text, not in person. However, in the church, she has that sort of a wall when I approach her. I can feel that by her “timid looking handshake” (a timid handshake is not a sign of humility; it’s a sign of pride hidden in timidity). I wanted to confront her about that, but I don’t want trouble. She’s a very different person in text and in person. It’s like jeckle and hyde. She’s soft speaking when talking to Pastor, male leaders. However, an observer can’t deny that she’s a stubborn person, and her being soft spoken is just a front (MAYBE to her parents). In fact, a new youngster in the New Church gave me a text message of her observation – that lady is stubborn according to her.

Now let’s move forward. I didn’t mention anything about the fornication. No, I’m not covering. After all, I didn’t have the time to ask the guy if that is true. Then, the lady told me that she hates another lady who is closed to young preacher. By the way, I almost forgot: she told me that she is the young preacher’s girlfriend. However, I noticed that it’s not obvious. They rarely speak in the church. I consider her words as truth…for the mean time. However, there are loopholes: first, if my memory is right, she doesn’t want me asking the guy regarding them. Second, I have mentioned this before: they rarely speak in the church.

I noticed that young preacher is beginning to be distant to me. Every time I invite him for dinner to talk, he turned it down, saying he’s busy. I also noticed (and many people) that that lady and the other lady are not in talking terms. Pastor started to notice that; he told me to fix this up. That is easier said than done for reasons more than: one, all the lady is giving me is text messages, but I can’t talk to her in person (she has “that wall”. I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong. She often puts herself in the crowd to avoid private conversation EXCEPT with Pastor’s eldest daughter [who is very much younger than she is, almost 6-7 years], but that is only my assumption). Two, young preacher is always telling me that he’s busy that’s why I can’t give him a treat. Only “other lady” is open enough.

Then, weeks have passed. These two ladies have sort of a word war – via internet. I will not mention the details. However, one thing is sure: “other lady” had her comments against lady. During these times, I started to confront young preacher. I asked him if he have a girlfriend right now. He answered “no”. Now that struck me. One of them is lying.

Fast forward. Preacher was sent to be a missionary in his hometown. Now, at this time, two people opened the Pandora’s Box: both of these ladies. Other lady started to comment via the net. I told Lady not to argue with her. I also told her to stay calm. I told her that if the other lady is wrong, it will show in days to come. Still, she wants a piece of other lady. What also caught my ire at that time is for the first time since the time I met her: she chats with a new comer lady (via text). New comer lady shared it to me. Now comer said that lady told her that she and other lady are not speaking terms. That caught my ire. I calmly told newcomer lady not to mediate with both of them. Newcomer lady followed what I said.

Fast forward. The catfight between them went to another level: both of their respective mothers now began to argue with each other. This time, Pastor came into picture.

Fast forward. Both families are not speaking to each other.

Just recently, Pastor made a decision: Young Preacher should come back to Manila within 45 days to explain his side to the affected party (I appreciated that move. He wants things private. Amen! After all, it’s not right to broadcast your sins). If Young Preacher will not do it, his authority to preach will be revoked and his financial support cut off from him. Personally, it’s a nice offer. Not only discipline will be served, but also no excommunication will be involved, and at the same time, his side will be heard (a feast…hehehe). It’s a win-win situation. Still, he didn’t appear. It’s the 6th day when Pastor announced his decision.

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