Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fornication and Youth Leaders and Young Preachers

There’s a preacher I know.

He’s the same age as I am (only a few months older than yours truly). I’ll not mention his background, but one thing is very sure: he had a rough childhood. Still though, the Lord found him. He got saved, began winning souls, spreading the Word during his high school days. He became a seminary student in one of the biggest, most aggressive Bible Baptist churches in the Philippines (nowadays, Bible Baptist Churches are now distinguished from Southern, Conversative, even Fundamental Baptist Churches. Still though, in basic doctrine, these Baptist churches are the same). I met him when I was in the Old Church, and he’s in that Big Baptist Church.

I never thought that I’ll have a chance to work WITH him. I saw him conducting the choir. I saw him as one fourth of the quartet of that big Baptist church. When I was adopted by the New Church, I didn’t see him. Then, around 4-5 months after, the Pastor announced that Mr. Young Preacher will be back to help the New Church. During that time, I was appointed by Pastor as the Youth President of the New Church. He’s a good preacher. No, he is a very fiery preacher. He’s quite teachable also. Despite of me not being a seminary graduate, he followed my directives as a Youth President (honestly, if he didn’t follow me, it’s very much fine with me, but he still did). One time, I heard him say that his greatest desire is to be a missionary in his hometown. Now, that’s something. One trait I noticed though is that he’s quite a man of few words, even with fellow guys. Because of his status as a seminary graduate, he commands respect, though he’s humble looking.

Then, here is this single lady. A college student. I can say that she’s one of the most beautiful people in the New Church (Mom said that also). She’s also the tallest lady in that church, be it single or married. She has the charisma. She doesn’t want to lead, but my, she draws the crowd, be it boys or girls. I remember one time when we conducted an inter-church fellowship. Before the message, I conducted a game. Guess what? She led her group. She doesn’t have that nice girl image though. She tends to be insubordinate. She’s also stubborn. I can tolerate those. After all, I am also stubborn. However, she has traits that bother me (I’m not sharing these to the New Church people). One time, I and that lady text each other, but because it’s late, I slept. The next day is prayer meeting night. I approached her, her dad sitting beside her. I apologized for not telling that I slept. I told her that’s the reason why I didn’t reply to her text. You know what did she say? “What text?” Yes it is. She said that right in front of her Dad. I just said never mind. After the prayer meeting, I arrived home, that lady texted me, “I’m sorry about that. My Dad’s strict.” I understood her Dad being strict and all, but what I noticed is that kind of denial INSIDE the church and to her leader. Even until now, my Pastor doesn’t know that incident. Here’s another one: I invited my high school best friend. After the evening service, my best friend said that he found out that I have a girlfriend. I said no. After all, I don’t deny if ever I have relationship. He said, “but ‘that lady’ said this: ‘so, you’re my boyfriend’s best friend’?” I told him it’s not true. He believed me. However, those words were etched in my head. It’s like my “spider sense is tingling” when I heard that. It’s like a warning sign. However, I don’t like to conclude. After all, as a Christian, I must not judge people. As my Pastor puts it, only God can change a person’s life. He adds that we ourselves can’t change ourselves, how much more others? Thus, I prayed for her when I remember her regarding that weakness of hers.

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