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I don’t know what to say perfectly. After all, every post that was put in all blog entries is either subject to criticism, praises, admiration, opposition, and even indifference (I admit that indifference is the least thing that I like to experience, but that’s the reality).
First, let me tell you why I made blogging a hobby. It was year 2006. For those who are following my posts (bloody posts…hehehe)(I don’t know if someone really is a fan of my blog, especially the old church), it was in that year that I experience one of my lowest spiritual points of my life. It’s also the lowest times in my life. No fellow Baptist brother/sister to talk to. No one at the time TRULY understands the situation (except for a very few Old Church people who really made an effort to talk to me, NOT those who I myself made an effort so that WE can talk). Aside from Bible reading and drawing comic strips, I have found an ally in blogging.
I admit, I blog in order to be seen and to be heard, especially by the Old Church. I’ll not be hypocrite or make an "antihero effect" ala John Constantine of Hellblazer. I want to be heard this time around. How many times are my opinions not heard because someone will be offended or simply because I’m a male human being? In fact, there’s one church discipline that I experienced in the Old Church (year 2000) in which I was tagged "mang-iiwan ng babae" (by my very own Youth Director who is now a Pastor), NOT KNOWING THAT BOTH OF US AGREED TO THIS BREAKUP. IN FACT, SHE EVEN GREETS ME FIRST IN THE CHURCH.
I know what are usually said when you were given that kind of discipline: no one is allowed to talk to him/her (I heard first hand two times that usual line every time that kind of discipline was given (weird as it is, the Old Church Pastor said that it depends on their conviction. However, if you’re an ordinary church member, what will you usually follow: that kind of public announcement from your Pastor or your personal conviction?). So, I made an avenue in which they’ll know what my side of the story is. No, it’s not poison or dividing the crowd. What I’m trying say is this: they can be angry AFTER they heard my side of the story.
At that time, I have a Friendster blog. I admit: at that time, I put it on Friendster so that the Old Church youngsters will see my side of the story. Why? So that they’ll see my side of the story, which was NEVER heard. Still though, I felt that my blogs WERE NEVER READ BY ALL CHURCH YOUNGSTERS, ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH LEADERS AT THAT TIME. I understand. There are many possible reasons why:
They don’t believe me (I can’t control their opinions and it’s their right to have their own opinions)
They are indifferent toward me
They don’t have time to read blogs
They don’t know that I have a friendster account, even having a blog.
So, I erased all my blog posts except one: the reason why I’m not yet back in the Old Church. It’s okay. At least they will NEVER be right when they say, "you never stated your side in the church".
I went to Blogspot. Thus, this blog is born. Eventually, I have seen blogs that has opinions also on national issues, politics, religion, conventions, etc. It’s like your own editorial and opinion section. Thus, I state opinions occasionally on issues.
Summing up, this lengthy post, blog for me is therapeutic. It became my ally at the time that no one (except God and very few Old Church people) is interested on MY SIDE of the story. Blog, just like art, is a form of expression to me. By the way, I consider my blog as a journal; it’s a diary of my life. Yes, on occasion, I put facts here (like Triskaidekaphobia for example), but in general, this blog site is an OPINION ONLY site. Take it or leave it. In my own right, I am a responsible blogger. Well, it depends on how you define "being a responsible blogger". I’m not well versed in journalism laws. For me, I consider a responsible blogger when he accepts what is thrown at him AFTER he posted his blog posts. In addition, a responsible blogger, just like a journalist, will confirm first if that news is true or not (or if you still want to say it in your blog, you’ll write words like, "in my opinion", "there are unconfirmed news", and other terms similar to that). One friend who accidentally saw this blog site gave her comments. I accepted that. Why? It’s being not only a responsible blogger, but also being a responsible person to accept corrective opinions. When a youth member that my blog posts are "bitter", I accepted her statements. Why? It’s not only being responsible, but someone’s comments can also be considered an appreciation. I do admit that this site is not an epitome of good grammar, stereotypical intelligent opinion, good press, blah blah blah.
Now, when I have heard that a UP Professor said that journalist should make an example for other bloggers (because there are irresponsible bloggers) by being a blogger themselves, I had mixed opinions. First, journalism and blogging are different entities. Blogging can’t replace journalism. Yes, journalists can be bloggers, but bloggers are not automatically journalists. In fact, there are blog sites that you can admire because of their credibility and their being comprehensive. There are blog sites that even newspaper journalists can admire (and even imitate). On the other side of the coin, there are really irresponsible bloggers. They don’t check their sources. Not only that, they hit other people as if, well, maybe you know what I am trying to say. This is common in posts that talk about showbiz and political figures (i.e, who are gays/lesbians/bisexuals in showbiz?). Adding to the irresponsibility, they will not mention their real names (they will use "far out" nick names). Not only that, they can just get away with those stuff (I mean not being sued or just avoiding to hear comments). Irresponsible indeed.
Still though, how will you practice critical thinking if you just accept everything? Besides, it is a NO-BRAINER that not all in the Internet IS TRUE. Yes, bloggers have responsibility, and SO DOES THE READERS. As readers, we are responsible to our own selves. How many times have I heard that our own actions are SOLELY OUR responsibilities and we should not blame others for own mistakes? Can’t be counted by all our own fingers and own toes. Then, let’s not solely blame bloggers. Remember, we often do something to a stupid person because of their stupid actions triggered by a clever person, even if we apprehended that clever person. Putting it bluntly, if a person reading a blog that contains lies believe in those lies, and eventually made a negative action because of those lies, it will be the fault of BOTH the BLOGGER AND the READER.
Yes, I have seen first hand two of my youth members almost had a cat fight because one posted a blog against the other. Good thing our Pastor said that it’s both their fault. My friends, it is true: both readers and bloggers have their own set of responsibilities. Bloggers should make their blog post credible enough. If the blogger (like me) wants to say his or her opinion, he or she must always warn their readers that it’s just an opinion. If you know something, and not yet proven true, warn your readers that it’s unconfirmed (or similar terms like that).
As readers of blogs, let’s use our head. There are times that we are critical of a person that we personally know, and yet not critical to blogs that were written by person that we have neither seen nor heard personally. Why not put that so-called critical thinking to blogs that you think is wrongly made? If you’re a nice person, then just ignore blogs that you think is not true. I know this statement hurts because I myself have been like these in random points of my life: let’s not be stupid and gullible. Let’s not react negatively on negative posts. It’s being stupid and irrational. If someone you know hate you and gave a post that you think is not true, IGNORE THE BLOG. There’s one case in our church that the youth ministry was suspended because one triggered it: the blog post. One posted a negative post, the other read it, and reacted negatively. BOTH of them are at fault.
Gamaliel, during the times of the Apostles, said that if it is not of God, it will come to naught. His statement can also be put this way: if the blog posts are not true, it will just die down.
Bloggers and blog readers, let’s be responsible in our own rights.

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