Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New friends...and new learning experience

I met new friends via Actually, it’s my first time to see members of bp (bobongpinoy). Actually, bobongpinoy is a group of people who have one common interest: they own and admire Bob Ong books (hence, the word “bobong” [an adjective form of a Filipino word “bobo” which means “dumb”]). Indeed, it’s another young crowd, with me being one of the oldest in the group. Let’s drift away for a while before I go to the main topic. There are people who want to go with younger crowd because they want to be the boss. This type of people goes for people younger than they are in order to be the boss in that group. Although there are people who will tag along with someone inferior or more timid or more silent than they are in order to be the boss regardless of age, but that’s another story. There are people who make friends with younger group in order to be the big brother or the big sister or the mother or the father figure in the group. This is more nice than the first one (the first one is bossy and is prone to be manipulative). They are usually the more generous ones because of their “kuya”, “ate”, “nanay/tatang” persona. Still, they tend to be bossy. There are people who make friends with younger group just because they’re friendly regardless of age, genre, culture, education, color, and etc. I belong to the second and the last category. Now, let’s go back to main topic of today’s post.

Together with newly found friends, we went to UST hospital to visit someone. We went to a ward. I only know her as “Nanay Anabel”. The BP occasionally visits her; it’s my first. Being euphemistic is not my cup of tea, so I have to say as it is: it’s my first time to see medical a case like that for real. I have seen cases like that in TV. According to my newly found friends, she had a tumor in her nasal area removed. Because of this, she was disfigured. She has no eyes, nose, and upper light. Because of this condition, nurses/doctors/interns that is on-duty at that time usually gives her cream in order to avoid infections because her facial area, eyes, nose, and upper lip were removed, is now more open to external AND internal infections. If you’re not used to that graphic, you’ll shun her. At first, I was dumbfounded. I just saw this in TV. I saw it for real. What adds insult to the injury is that the husband and relatives, if what I heard is right, are not visiting her. He used to visit her. He’s given money so that he could visit her (he’s living in a province farther than Nueva Ecija). Sad as it may seem, her husband usually gambles the money. The whole story was not mentioned to me, but at least I have an idea. I don’t want to play perfect, but as husband, she has an obligation to visit her wife. Still though, I don’t know the situation why things happened that way.

This is a common learning experience. Why common? We always hear statements of learning experience in cases similar as what I have seen. Let’s just this as a reminder for us: we are blessed. It reminds me of how a person is complaining because she has no new shoes…until she saw someone who has no feet. I’m not against doing something to your face to make you look good, even to the point of surgery. However, the Bible stated that in whatever situations we are, we must be contented. Again, this reminds me of how we tend to be ungrateful to God in what He has given. We don’t have a missing limb. Our face is complete. In fact, we may be the prettiest/most handsome in church, campus, work place, and organization. Still, why hatred to other people? What is the connection of hatred to others with being ungrateful to God? I can justify the connection. If we don’t count our blessings and thank God for it, we are being ungrateful, right? There are times that, because of hatred to other people especially to a fellow believer in Christ, you are distracted from seeing the blessings God has given. In other words, we tend to be ungrateful to God because of our hatred.

We should appreciate our face, even if other people call us ugly. There are people whose faces are disfigured since birth. There are people whose faces were removed because of tumor, thus, they have no face. It’s not wrong to fix yourself to look good. Cleanliness is next to Godliness (that includes doing something to your face to make you look good and feel good). However, if you’re not contented with your face to the point of not being satisfied despite the remedies, it is wrong.

Let’s be grateful with what God gave and is giving to us, regardless of how insignificant we think it is. Don’t wait for the time that you’ll only appreciate God-given things when they are gone. The time is now. Thank God for all the blessings that you have received. Aspire for better things, but BE CONTENTED with the things that you have FOR NOW.

Take time to thank God for all the good things and even bad things that you have received. Let’s set aside the people that you think hurt us. Let’s set aside (if not surrender) the things we aspire that we can’t have for now or will never have.

Serious, isn’t it? You may laugh at this post, but it is okay. In case you really laugh at this post, I’ll thank God because I made someone laugh despite of my seriousness.

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