Saturday, April 19, 2008

sad sad day for me... but i need to do it

Amie, that sweet girl I always mention to my few friends, and I have finally decided not to see each other. It is a mutual agreement. Still, it hurts. I cried that Saturday night. When I woke up Sunday morning, I cried before I went downstairs for breakfast.

Amie’s a sweet girl. She’s thoughtful and considerate of my busy schedules. She’s not a control freak. You know the best part? She trusts me. We have so many things in common, like both of us like cartoons, both of us like steak, burger, pasta, and things like that. It’s like the song, “the two of us…we’re quite a pair”. Mom likes her. She even told me, “She’s nice. You two get along well together.” In fact, during Mom’s birthday, she gave Amie a gift. She’s thoughtful and sensitive. I will not forget how she gave Ocean a Christmas gift, without me telling her to do that. She gave me gifts during Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day, all of which I never expected from her. How thoughtful. Every time we are in a restaurant, mall, and places like that, every time I ask, “where shall we go? Where shall we eat?”, she will reply, “IT’S UP TO YOU.” I never felt this way before: being in-charge. Unlike in my previous relationship, she will make me feel and REALLY BE in charge. She makes me the man that I WANTED TO BE, not the man I SHOULD BE (if you make me the man that I wanted to be, I will surely strive to be the man that I should be, so please, no control freaks).

God knows how much I love her, but I love the Lord God more. Because of that, I’ll obey Him. Amie and I decided not to talk and see each other. She said she wants time to think it over (if she wants to be converted). I told her not to do it anymore.

Most of the people around me misunderstood the move that I made. You know what? Aside from Amie, the person that was hurt the most with this decision is ME. I love the person. It is just now that I met a lady who makes me feel in charge. She’s considerate, cheerful like a child, sensitive, optimistic, supportive, and sweet. Yes, she may have her flaws, but it is tolerable.

Why did I make that move? I love the Lord God more. I believe God will take care of her. I understand that I’ll be misunderstood for this, but I have to do it. Remember the last time I talked about “principles”? It is still true, there are principles needed to be done, even if it hurts.

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