Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Church 8th Year Anniversary...and thanks

Last Sunday (April 6), the new church had its 8th year anniversary as a church. I do admit that it is a far cry compare to the old church when it comes to the event’s organization and music. However, this is the church that adopted me. The youngsters of the new church are the youngsters who respected and accepted my leadership style. The new church pastor is the pastor that accepted me for who I am. He really applied the principle, “hate the sin, not the sinner” slogan of churches. God mightily used the new church in my life.

I’ve been part of the new church anniversary two years in a row. Yes, two years of God’s grace. I’ll be forever grateful to God and the New Church. I don’t know what will happen with me in the future. When will I finally go back to the old church to fix things up? When will my ex-girlfriend finally open her mind and be forgiving (after all, BOTH of us made this happen)? How long will I stay in the new church? Will I stay in the new church for good? When I went back to the old church, will I stay there for good? Oh well, those are the questions clouding my mind. However, let’s face it: future things belong to God, especially those things beyond our control.

Therefore, those people (specifically in the old church) who keep on whining on what I should do regarding my case or my stay in the new church is unethical should do one of these or more:

1) They should pray for me.
2) Just give encouraging thoughts (text, e-mail) as the Holy Spirit leads them. It will help my growth. After all, my Friendster account is open.
3) Help me literally go back in the old church as soon as possible by praying AND telling the old church pastor
4) Talk to my ex-girlfriend that she finally gave the “clearance”…after all, she now has a boyfriend (the old church pastor and another pastor saw both of them. My former co-teacher said that my ex told him that).

If these old church people (I still believe not all of them are like that) can’t do one of these four things, then they should just shut up. They’re not a help to me. They’re not helping me grow spiritually. They’re not helping me bounce back. They’re not a blessing to me if you’re just whining without helping. They’re not also a blessing if they’re just being indifferent. To those old church people who just gave me a text when they need something to my Mom, or JUST because they will ask some stuff like location, etc.: you are not a help to me.

To the New Church, thank you very much. I’m praying dearly to God that He rewards you dearly because of your attitude towards me. I’m praying that He blesses you all because of your right attitude toward a fallen believer.

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