Saturday, March 22, 2008

my Holy week break

While most of the people are celebrating the Holy Week in beaches, public and private pools, provincial rest houses, hotels, out of the country, out of town, etc., I opted to stay at home. Actually, my Mom and Kuya, together with his family, went to Quezon last Wedneday (March 19). Honestly, I want to go with them. However, I wanted the project study paper submitted before the Holy Week break. Thus, Wednesday morning, I submitted my project study paper to the Department Chairman. I was given two options: give it to the readers OR he’ll read it first. I decided that he reads the paper first. After all, there are things lacking in that paper. The acknowledgments and dedications sections are two of that stuff. Another is the analysis of one problem statements there (I have 6 problem statements). Lastly, the 4th chapter, I admit, lacks analytical depth. In addition, it has so many tables. Still, I asked the chairman to read it. At least, if I’ll make a revision, I’ll have a better, clearer direction on how I’ll revise the paper.

Another reason why I opted to stay at home during the Holy Week break is there are paper works that date back to February that I need to finish. Good thing that yesterday (Good Friday), I have finished them all. Now, what I’m about to finish today, aside from the Sunday school lesson that I usually teach weekly, is my target Bible reading dates. Based on my notes, I haven’t read my Bible for almost 3 weeks. Since Maundy Thursday, I have read it like I’m having a reading marathon. As of the time that I’m typing this post, it is still 10 pages to go before I get back in track.

Yeah, yeah, you may found my Holy Week break boring. However, the bottom line is that that is the consequence of negligence. I neglected my Bible reading time, so I must be responsible enough to get myself back in schedule. I neglected the paper works (because of my project study paper at school), so I did my best to get myself back in track (and finished all of the papers. Yes, the office is not looking for them yet, but it is better to do it than do it just at the time when it is being requested. At least, when the time comes that the office asked for it, I’ll just print it).

Staying in Metro Manila during Holy Week break turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It’s been almost 9 months since the last time I have talked with my best friend. I went to my best friend’s house. He’s now a family guy, by the way. The good news is that he plans to make a public apology in the church (because he’s not married yet, though they’re planning to do it as soon as possible). Now, that is good news. I told him to go for it, and take the advantage while he is still inside the old church. We talked until it is around 10pm. I am happy for him that he’s trying to fix his life financially AND spiritually.

Random notes here….

What caught my fancy is the old church’s pastor sermon back in the old church (my best friend is telling me this). According to the old church pastor, one should not call himself Christian or believers if you don’t have a changed life. He further said that I will not hesitate to remind, rebuke, and correct the erring members, especially if you’re a graduate of the Christian school. You know what? The old church pastor is very right. Some of the old church members thought since they’re not “kicked out” they’re better. I remember a Christian school graduate who offered me a drink. I rejected. He told me, “C’mon, do it. You’re excommunicated after all”. I know it’s a joke to me, but it is also a comedy of that fellow alumnus’ life. I maybe excommunicated, but I’m trying to bounce back, talk things over to the Old Church Pastor, and avoid what is not fit for believers to do so (though I still have my lapses, but I’m trying by God’s grace). How about that person who gave me a shot of that beer/alcohol? He’s going to church donning his hair like he’s going in a concert, and he’s still joining his drinking buddies. Man, the only edge he got is that he’s not excommunicated just like me. Besides, the sins that got me kicked out of that church is a sin that is being done by most single guys today (Nope. I’m not justifying, let me finish). The only edge they got is that I am a youth leader under an invisible microscope. While they can just do these foolish stuff, and, thanks to their Christian and non-Christian friends, no evidence can be found in order to be kicked out as well. Man, I admit that there are times that I envy these people. The old church pastor is right. It’s like saying, “if you’re calling yourself a Christian, you should try your best to fix your life.”

I agree with Ecclesiastes 12:14 (I like the word “secret thing” there). You know what? Being excommunicated has been a blessing in disguise to me. I’m more honest to God and man, regarding my spiritual standing. Because of that honesty, I slept better than before (except for graduate works and reading Sunday school and YPF lessons which deprive me of sleep at times). Besides, it is promised in the Bible (Proverbs 28:13). Now, how about those who still haven’t experienced any disciplinary action and yet still continuing in sins without a shadow of trying to bounce back away from it? Oh well, let God be the Judge on them. Still, a true sheep doesn’t like mud.

Don’t ever brag that you never experienced excommunication, and yet you’re not doing your best to fix your life spiritually. God is not mocked! Don’t act like a fool! Okay, even if you’re doing your best and are a reputable Christian, please don’t boast it. Remember 1 Corinthians 10:12. The brethren in Christ who said that I should publicly apologize first before I call her sister, man, I know what she did. Besides, what she said to me is a mark of arrogance (makes me think, “Good thing she has her friends and the old church has been so considerate of her that they just gave her a graceful exit from full time ministry. What she did can be subjected to public confession! How arrogant of her!” I hated her self-righteous arrogance, not she herself).

What the old church pastor said at one of his sermons is also an eye opener and a reminder to me and other believers out there. If we are really true Christians, let’s try our best to fix our lives. After all, by God’s grace, we can do it.

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