Monday, February 25, 2008

update on project study

I think it is not mathematically possible that I can submit my final, hard bound project study at the said date (March 8). The survey questionnaires are still out there. I’ll pick it up this week. Oh well, I did my best. However, will I slow my pace because of the predicament? No. After the survey questionnaires, I will immediately look for statisticians that will do the stats as quick as possible. Once I received the stats, I will immediately do chapters 4 and 5. You know the rest. I said to a friend that in case I didn’t make it on the March 8, all I can do is submit the project study and file for a completion. No, I’ll not slow down with my project study. I admit: it will take a miracle if I submitted this one on March 8. You know what? I believe in miracles.

There are researchers (some are even Christians) who don’t recognize divine intervention in their research. The fact that most, if not all, of the respondents will return the questionnaires is an act of faith. Personally, when I gave the letter of request to the division office, I entrusted it to God. Entrusted what? I trusted God that He will speak to these people that they will grant my request ASAP. It did. In fact, the secretary of the division superintendent told me that her boss granted the request at that same day that I requested it (I went to the office morning. The superintendent granted the request at the afternoon). Same thing goes to the survey questionnaires that I have given to my respondents (the subject heads). I put my trust in God that He’ll speak to the respondent/schools to finish the survey questionnaire ASAP. If the respondents didn’t return them ASAP, I believe it is the will of God. After all, tomorrow, I’m planning to call these schools to conduct a follow-up. If the respondents didn’t return them ASAP despite of my follow-up, I can finally say that it is not the will of God. It is my top request to God as of this moment that He allows me to finish the project study on March 8. It will make me sad if I didn’t make it. However, if that happens, I will just accept God’s will on this case. He has a purpose if that happens. For now, all I can do is pray for the respondents to answer the questionnaires ASAP.

Today is EDSA 1 Day. Thus, it is a holiday. No work, no classes. Like others, I will hang out with close friends after I typed this. Like others, I have some random thinking and typing. Here they are:

I just saw the news that Fidel Castro, after leading Cuba for 49 years (almost 50 years), finally stepped down as its President. Raul, his brother, succeeded him. The “election” of Raul was quite a subject worth talking for Politics and Governance professors and enthusiasts. First, he is Fidel Castro’s brother. It’s a dynasty. One thing that I admire with Fidel Castro is how he stayed in political power for that long (even if Raul is there, as long as Fidel is alive, his influence is there). How did he make a hold of his constituents? Kim Jong Il of North Korea is also another, but that is another story. Castro’s an intelligent person. When he’s facing an economic crisis, he made friends with Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, an oil-rich Country (are you getting the picture?). According to what I have heard, the US, through CIA, is planning to assassinate him, just for him to stop leading Cuba. Based on what I have heard, Castro outsmarted them. Smart guy.

I believe in good legacies, but I also believe that a human being, once in politics, should have limited terms. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even if you’re the most kind, loving, generous, just, upright human being in the world, I still believe that absolute political power will corrupt him.

I don’t believe in revolution. I have said this in my posts quite a number of times. Moses leading the people to Promised Land from Egypt is a different story (it is a direct word from God that they must go back to Canaan). Now, these two revolutions, EDSA 1 and EDSA 2, are acts of God. Great. Using God’s name in vain. Not only did they rebel, but they also blaspheme God. (Oh well, I can’t believe that God WANTS a nation to rebel against their political leader. In fact, He Himself dislikes rebellion. Look at the Bible. He immediately punishes rebels.) President Ferdinand Marcos being dead because of an illness is indeed an act of God. However, these revolutions? Well, these are ALLOWED by God to serve HIS BETTER PURPOSE, but that doesn’t mean EDSA 1 and 2 are both right. It’s a like a greedy person. God allowed a thief to steal his possessions so that it will serve as a lesson for his greediness. However, that doesn’t mean stealing is right. The thief will be dealt by God accordingly. When EDSA 2 happened, I was quite sad because I felt that this will cause more unrest in years to come. It did.

Oh well, so much for random entries, I’ll stop there. Have a nice day today.

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