Thursday, February 7, 2008

Predicament of my project study paper

According to the written announcement that was posted in my chairman’s office, the deadline for the submission of the final copy of the project study is March 8. In other words, ALL things pertaining to the project study should be finished on March 8.

As of this writing, it’s February 7, Thursday. I have 30 more days. I’m still on the validation process of my survey questionnaires. The delays are because of 2 days of flu, one week of going to and fro asking for help how to reconstruct the copied surveys (to avoid being accused of plagiarism). Those 2 weeks also include waiting for an email to the one who owned one of the 3 questionnaires. She replied 4 days after my email. To my surprise, she is one of the Department Chairpersons in Texas Tech University! Good thing I’ve been respectful when I emailed her. According to my chairman, it’s a good thing that she replied to me and allowed to use her survey. Others don’t reply at all. I still need to go in a City School Division in which the survey will be conducted. It will take at least 2 days before it will be approved. Then, I’ll spend at least 1 week to survey all of the respondent schools. Then, I’ll pay the service of a statistician for a quick result (at least 2 to 4 days, including the SPSS and the statistician himself/herself, not to mention how much the statistician’s fee and the SPSS fee will cost).

Honestly, reading the above predicament 30 days is not a comfortable day. On February 17, the YPF in the new church will have its Love, Courtship, and Marriage hour. Before February 22, I should have submitted my artwork in the Baptist artist group that I recently joined. Now that adds to the pressure.

Honestly, I can just give up on the project study and focus my energy on the YPF activity and the February 22 art submission. After all, if I’ll be given an incomplete grade, I can just submit my requirement, file for completion, and file for an October 2008 graduation instead. That’s the easy way out. I didn’t do just that. I want to try if there is a possibility to finish the project study paper, despite the odds. Maybe it’s not quite feasible, but I took the risk anyway. If ever I didn’t make it, it’s okay. I just don’t want to give up. If ever I didn’t make it, at least I did my best. I may have “lose”, but I can say with confidence that I did my best.

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