Thursday, January 17, 2008

street smart or above-average/genius level intelligence

My big brother AC and my cousin PB bought PSP. In fact, I was there when AC helped PB bought one somewhere in Greenhills, San Juan (where mobile phones, computer and computer spare parts are cheaper). It’s been months since AC is convincing to also buy one. Actually, I find PSP cool. Indeed, portable games have come too far. However, I don’t want to buy one. No, it’s not about the price. I don’t say that PSP is not good. After all, it’s also a cool hobby.

However, my main priority for now is for my project study at Philippine Normal University to be finished as soon as possible. I wanted to graduate either this March or, if not possible, October. Another reason why I don’t want to buy one is that I have a hobby, comic strips drawing. By the way, I have yet to draw a strip for this year. Aside from that, I decided to have affordable, yet nice hobbies. I bought a Word Finder last December 2007, which costs PhP25 (around US$0.60). Even until now, I’m not finished with that because I only solve one when I’m waiting for someone. Just this week, I bought an English crossword puzzle. After I finished this word finder, I will solve that crossword puzzle. Recently, I began to memorize Bible verses more than the usual. Okay, I admit, I’m doing this so-called mental exercise. Why? God gave me the eyes to read good materials. I’m not yet wearing reading glasses. So, I need to take advantage of this blessing. Another reason is that God gave a person one brain and a sane mind in order to use it for good. It’s such a sad thing that I hear politicians who have the opportunity to study in Ivy League schools or other International Universities, but listen to them, one way or another, there are politicians who use their intelligence to lie. You’ll hear an intelligent politician hurl accusations to another intelligent politician. Obviously, it is rare that either of the parties will admit their short comings. Yes, they are intelligent and CLINICALLY SANE. It is such a waste that you hear a PMA (Philippine Military Academy) graduate who amassed millions of pesos in properties and he acquired them in a questionable manner. Only few make it to PMA. Those few get even fewer when asked how many graduated from that institution. Not all aspirants have the opportunity to study in University of the Philippines. I remember a song entitled “State U” sung by Don Abay. A part of the lyrics said, “taga UP ka kasi, madaling makahanap ng trabaho” (“you’re from UP; it’s easy [for you] to get a job”). I heard someone said, “It’s UP or never”. Indeed, it is a privilege to study in UP. However, look at our politicians and some activists who are UP graduates. Finger pointing, fault finding, and no apologizing. Welcome to the so-called “intelligent world”.

My point is this: God have given us eyes to read good materials. Personally, I want to use my eyes to read good materials while I still don’t wear glasses. God have given us the sane mind and a brain to use it properly. Exercise your brain while it is yet there. Thus, I will exercise this while I still don’t have Alzheimer’s, dementia, things like that.

Okay, I’m not playing perfect here. I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to play one. I still commit mistakes. What I’m trying to say is the brain and eyes, like money, are assets. We must take care of them and use them wisely, just like what we must do with money (use it wisely).

Random self-definition “Weirdo” – a statement used by someone if he or she doesn’t know what that person knows; a statement uttered by someone who is insecure.


Street smart and above-average/genius level intellect? One way or another, you are confronted with this question, though not necessarily in a direct manner. “Yes, he’s intelligent, but he is stupid.” “He maybe is a graduate of a prestigious University, but his discernment is waaaaaaaaaay low.” “You graduated from graduate school, but why did you do such stupid mistakes?” In other words, you are not street smart. I admit, it hurts me every time I hear such statements. After all, I fell in that category. I’m not much of a street smart. Especially with what happened to me two years ago, the so-called “street smart” became right again. Look around you. Even in a campus atmosphere, especially in the undergraduate program, it’s like a laughing matter if you have above-average intelligence. In fact, back in the old church, a pastor said, “You’re AB: Abnormal. Hehehehehe”. Our company has an employee. She said to me similar words, like those I mentioned. I can’t blame her. Even in movies, the so-called “nerds” are portrayed as “not cool”. Yes, there are intelligent people who don’t have a good social skills and a bad fashion sense. Look in your respective Universities, especially in the graduate program. Hehehehehehe. Face it. God will not give ALL of the good stuff to one person. Don’t be so mean to the so-called “nerds and geeks”.

Last night, I watched a show. The segment is about child prodigies. A genius-level professor who was interviewed there said that if a person is a genius, that does not necessarily mean that he’s not able to commit mistakes. A real genius has the privilege to commit MANY mistakes, but is able to recover and bounce back from those mistakes in a quickest time possible. Now that’s a statement from a certified genius.

Now, between being a street smart and above-average/genius level intellect, I’ll choose the latter. Why? I want the latter. That’s all. :)

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