Monday, January 7, 2008

I made a move in our youth program. I thanked God because I noticed a positive pattern in our Youth Program in the church called Young People’s Fellowship (YPF). Last 2006, after a year of hibernation, the Youth Ministry was re-established. At first, I wanted to create an “impact sounding names”, but nothing came to my mind. Then, a youngster gave me a text message, stating “YPF” which stands for Young People’s Fellowship. Thus, YPF is our official name for the new church’s new youth ministry. 2007 is the year that I tried to put myself and the youngsters in activities like NBYC, Umpog Ulo 2007, and the biggest event of that year, YPF Day 2007. Honestly, it’s my first time to be a head organizer of these youth events. However, one thing I have learned: God will take care of activities that glorify Him. Yes, it’s hard, but He will bless any activities that will glorify Him, one way or another.

This year, I made a decision that will cost the youngsters more time, energy, and even money – we’ll go out. “Going out” in Baptist circles means “to share God’s Word outside the church”. Honestly, though I have my soul winning experiences back in the old church and some handful experiences in the new church ministry, I’m still tense. There are things that I noticed:

1) Other religions are going out, even being assertive and aggressive. Although this is wrong, others tend to cross the line by ridiculing our faith, calling our faith “cheap faith”.
2) There are people that I encounter who are firm with their beliefs and is aggressive to the point of influencing others.
3) I know people from other firms/organizations that don’t care if what they will say is offending or not.
4) I have schoolmates/classmates who just blurt out foul languages and they just got away with it. In fact, few even called me names.

My point is this, if they have the guts to do such things, even if they tend to step on other people, how much more us? After all, if we knock their doors, and/or give them a Gospel tract while they are walking, we are giving good news. Nothing is wrong with that. It’s such a sad thing that laws are gradually being made against Christian activities. Why stopped such Christian activities when our motive is to make people’s lives better (if they’ll only accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior)? It’s quite sad when people ridicule, mock, even angry with so called

1) When you are in the casino, yes, the casino may have charitable works, but ask the gamblers what are their main motive why they are in the casino. Yes, it’s the money and/or the so-called thrill of the game of chance. Why is gambling not outlawed when it wrecked more lives than the so-called “religious fanaticism”?
2) Based on a Filipino study, a chain smoker usually spend PhP92 (US$2.00) a day for smoking. Do the math, that is PhP2760 (US$67) a month just for that vice. In the Philippines, that amount is an adequate fund for a youth program in the church good for two Sundays, even 3 Sundays. Why not outlawed smoking which destroys the health and depletes the smoker’s resources?

Okay, so much for that. Still though, I hope and pray that our going out activity for this year will be a success. By God’s grace, even if there are rejections, I know it is already a success when a Christian approach someone about the Gospel.

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