Friday, December 28, 2007

My Christmas Vacation with Family

Forgive my “late-report”. It’s just now that I got the time to tell my Christmas vacation (dated December 24 – 26). The place? Well, Taal Vista Hotel at Tagaytay City. The brochures say that it only takes an hour ride from Manila. It’s right IF there’s no traffic. Still though, it’s worth the stay.

Actually, the hotel in itself is quite a tourist spot. After all, the main attraction of that hotel is the best view of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world (if my memory serves me right). I think that it’s what we paid for in that place aside from the hotel out accommodations itself.

I have pictures with me of the view of the place. Actually, I’m planning to put these view as my background in my strips. Hmmm, how about GradS Tayo in Tagaytay?

Anyways, what I enjoy in that Christmas vacation most is being with family. Mom, my Big Bro AC, his wife Sarah and their cute daughter (my niece) Ocean, Tito Jojo, his wife Tita Gina, their kids Gia, Gem, Gel, my grandparents Tatay Mamer and Nanay Laling are all there. Yes, the place is nice, but it became nicer with them around. For two straight years, I spent my holidays with them without compromising my time in the church. Not only that, sweet girl Amie came to make my holiday even warmer. She made two special occasions in my life warmer this year 2007: my birthday (she’s also with us when I celebrated my 27th birthday) and my Christmas vacation. To my surprise, she gave me a gift. By the way, I gave her a gift: a bigger Ernie (her favorite Sesame Street character). She gave me a pig pillow with a small bell. It’s cute that it’s inside my car. It looks nice in my car.

Actually, I know Amie is a busy girl, and she has about 20 godchildren (inaanak in tagalong). Thus, it’s the thought, the effort, the time spent in buying the gift that counts. After all, I’m child-like; I appreciate things, be it small or big. Well, maybe Amie and I are not really meant for each other, but I will always cherish this sweet friendship. In fact, Mom and the rest of the family like her. Still though, I have to admit that there’s still that part of me that says that I love her.

Ocean’s in her playful self there. She enjoyed the place, like a typical 2 year old girl. Then, I saw Kuya and Sarah and Ocean walking. Oh well, I can’t help, but think when will I start my own family. Reality kicks in: I’m getting older, but I’m not adequately prepared to be a family guy. I can’t even budget my own money. I can’t even organize myself. If I did, I should have finished my project study in PNU. Oh well, enough of that for now. Indeed, I have many words to say on how I spent my Christmas vacation, but it’s all boiled up in this short words: the vacation is well spent and I thanked God for giving me the time to spent with them.

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