Friday, December 7, 2007

Finally, i met this poet

Last Tuesday (December 4), I met someone at Adamson University (my alma mater). Her name is Maika, and a 1st year mass communication student. Actually, we have met before in Deviantart. She’s one of my poetic friends there. She’s cute, isn’t she? Some people say she looks like either Yasmien Kurdi or Bea Alonzo (minus the height…hehehehe..Maika, if you’re reading this, peace, sistah…hehehehe). In fact, she’s one of the three persons that inspire me to do poetry (like I said). By the way, they’re younger than I am. Still, it doesn’t stop me from learning some stuff, like poetry. We chat for about 30 minutes. Then, at around 6pm, I left the place. I need to get my car at SM – San Lazaro (I was stuck in the traffic. I’m still Chinese General Hospital at around 2:40PM, and I’m coding. Because of that, I decided to park my car at that Mall).

Change topic: December 7, 2007. That’s the date when I posted this one. 18 days to go, it’s Christmas Day. I admit that I’m still adjusting to the Christmas atmosphere. Why? I grew up in a Baptist church that doesn’t celebrate Christmas (the old church). No, don’t get me wrong. I respect their stand on that. I have received my 13th month pay. I bought some stuff, like the usual comic books, writing stuff, and a 80 gb external hard disk. I also bought a headphone w/ microphone. I wanted in my laptop without disturbing others.

Seriously, enough of those stuff for now. What I really wanted to say is this: after the success of YPF day, distraction is starting to creep in. I wasted countless hours on nothing but pondering, doing nothing. Blogging is much better than just mere pondering. At least in blogging, you put entries, learning from it especially when you reread the post.

In addition, a youth member is telling that she has a problem with things, with a guy. I notice a pattern of behavior: she shares a problem via text messages. However, when you talk to her in person, especially in the church, she’ll just look left and right. At times, she’ll play dumb as if she didn’t say anything at all. In fact, she even denied once that we exchanged text message in a specific day. There are times that she became rude to me, only to apologize at text (sounds very familiar? It’s like after you have shown to the whole world that you did that me, then you’ll PRIVATELY apologize). She did that about three times. There is one instance that this youth member denied that she knows something about a brethren’s case (I know that she knows everything; she shared some of those to me) by pointing my assistant leader (knows many things). When I asked what the real deal is, she just said that she will sleep. I didn’t dig deeper. I don’t dig things, especially to people who don’t want to be dug. I respect one’s privacy.

Still, being a youth leader, I know that it will be wrong to side with her solidly. Why? I haven’t heard the other side (she shared to me before that she is at odds with a fellow single lady. Now, she’s at odds with another single lady. I don’t want to mention what words she said, but it is piercing). I wanted to ask the other side of the issue (being their leader, I should, even if one of them is lying. It’s no longer my fault if they lied), but I wanted to talk to them in such a way that I’m being fair enough. What caught my ire is when the youngster said that the reason why the new church can’t grow is because of this and that. I didn’t reply back when she said that. I just told that I’ll pray for her. I told that she’s more blessed than I am. She justified with rebuttals. Because she’s 19, I’m wise enough not to argue and let her speak. I told her that I’ll pray for her the way I pray for other youngsters.

This is what I’m telling the youngsters a few weeks back: strive not to be distracted after YPF day. Her conflicts, if confirmed true (through two or more witnesses, which is Biblical), are distractions that will make a Christian quit. Still though, even if I’m in the new church, the youngsters are still the same.

Still though, I tried not to think too much about that. It will just ruin my day. Besides, I leave the answering to God when I prayed on this matter.

As the youth leader of the new church for 13 months, I have learned that listening is a must. I learned that it is really wise not to react too fast (except if life and death situations…hehehe) because you didn’t hear “the conclusion of the story” yet. I also learned to focus on the goal, the outcomes, and strengths, not on the weakness of a fellow brethren.

I pray that God will give me more wisdom in dealing with this. Still though, I find youth ministry fulfilling.

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