Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Young People's Day...

Last Sunday (November 4), we held our Young People’s Fellowship Day or YPF Day. According to the young people, there are fellowships with other Baptist churches in the past, but this one’s the first to be considered a major activity of the new church’s Youth Ministry.

Actually, there are some hassles prior to the activity. I didn’t make a formal invitation. I just gave them a verbal invitation. Yes, there are churches that will come even if not given a formal invitation. Another thing is that our budget is short. Even in that short budget, a married member managed to owe PhP1000. Actually, she wants to owe the Young People’s fund PhP2000, which I didn’t allow (I felt right from the start that she’ll not pay. Still, I gave her the chance to prove me wrong.) Since October 22 or 29, she is not attending the church. I heard from her aunt that she’s working somewhere. Whatever the reason, she promised to pay, but she didn’t. Besides, she knows that there is an upcoming major Youth activity. Still, I gave her the chance to prove me wrong, but she didn’t. Another hassle is that one of the invited churches already forgot that we have an activity. It’s my fault. I lacked follow-up in that invited church. I almost forgot to create a written program to be submitted to the new church pastor. Even at the last minute, there is another hassle: the guest speaker and his family just came home at around 1PM. The program will start at 2PM.

These hassles, though all of them are partially my fault, are still the enemy’s distractions (Remember: Satan is very good at that. He’ll make you do wrong so that you can not point him). YPF day, I believe, is a work for the glory of God, and Satan doesn’t like that. By God’s grace, I, together with my youth members, didn’t focus on the distractions.

By God’s grace, the activity was a success! We managed to accommodate 78 young people, including some of our youth members who are not attending the YPF (I know, I know, MAYBE their motive is to look for girls from another church. It’s no longer the YPF’s fault, but theirs…and the fault finder [not me] who made you think of that…hehehehehehe). The activity was a success to a point that the new church pastor, despite having a low blood pressure at that time, managed to be happy. The success even spread to other churches. About the food budget, by the way, others managed to eat more and drink more. Indeed, God is faithful. The blessing was felt even during the evening service where 2 of the guest churches are gone.

Indeed, God has been faithful to me. He knows what I’ve really done wrong in the old church to the point of my being kicked out (“discipline” in euphemistic term). Technically, I’m still a member of the old church. I have done what I can to fix the matter so that I can finally have my public apology, but the old church is not allowing me yet.

I don’t know if God really doesn’t reward your labor in heaven that is not linked to your local church. If that is true, it’s okay. Maybe that’s the consequence of what I did before. However, what matters to me is that those youth members and other church members who helped me will someday be rewarded. I’m praying for that. Rewards or no rewards, one thing is sure: God is faithful to me and He proved it again through this YPF day. I hope and pray that those who helped and those who attended the YPF will be blessed by God.

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