Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Komikon 2007 experience

Last Saturday (November 17), Komikon 2007 was held in UP-Bahay ng Alumni. It is my 1st time to attend in that event. It is my 1st time to participate in that event as one of the exhibitors there. Honestly, it’s such a privilege to become a part of their Indie Tiangge. With my experience at Komikon 2007, I can now consider myself as an indie or independent comic strip artist. Yes, I know that I sounded quite shallow when I said that, but I usually appreciate even the simplest things (if you call the “indie” thing one of the simplest things). The event is tiring, yet enjoying. I met new friends there in persons of Gio, Bien, Beng, and other “unsung” heroes.

The event was attended by people from Comic industry, be it fans and artists. Among the guests that I’m very familiar with are Manix Abrera, Pol Medina, Jr., Lyndon Gregorio, and Gilbert Monsanto. PMJR and Gilbert Monsanto are my favorites. I also like Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo, Lando Inolino (the facial structure of my characters are partially inspired by him), and Larry Alcala. Although my works are influenced by PMJR, Lyndon Gregorio and Ariel Atienza.

One thing that struck me is the humility of Jerry Alanguilan (creator of Wasted) and Carlo Vergara (creator of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah). Both of them bought my work at its original price (not the discounted one). My comics strip is being sold for PhP 30.00 (around US$0.60, hehehehehe, promotion? Hehehehehe).

Okay, let’s go back to the news friends that I met there. The first one that I met was Gio Paredes. I saw his works, and it’s awesome. It looks like we have our local superheroes in Kalayaan Comics. He’s a Math graduate just like me (isn’t it funny, Mathematicians into Comic industry? Hehehehehe). By the looks of it, Gio has the experience necessary to publish his work (euphemism for “he’s a seasoned veteran”….hehehehehehe…). Seriously though, if a major printing company will back him up financially, he’ll go a loooooooooong way to this industry. According to him, my work is like a younger version of Pol Medina, Jr. You know what? PMJR’s work, Pugad Baboy series, is the first local comic strips compilation that I bought (next one is Mang Ambo by Larry Alcala). I don’t know that “subliminally”, my works will become like PMJR.

The second one that I met was Bien. Actually, we’ve known each other in the Deviantart. He is known there as Agimax. He’s a good artist. I can’t forget his quotation, “Power to the pencil”. He’s quite laidback, but I find him cool. His work, Rex Agimat, is cool. His comic book is indeed for all ages. I have read it, and by the looks of it, he likes adventures. I suggested that Mang Kepweng and Rex Agimat meet. Though it is tainted with humor, I’m serious about it. It will be very cool if that happens (I hope he reads this blog site), and it might increase sales the next time around. By the way, he made his version of my characters in GradS Tayo. It is quite flattering when a fellow artist draws your characters.

I also met Beng (and her friends), a UP student, her works (it is a collaboration, she said) one of them is Komikera, with a lead character named Manlalakbay (Traveler). I promised her that one of these days, I’ll put Manlalakbay in one of my strips. Actually, right now, in my vacant time, I’m pondering on stories of one of the GradS Tayo characters to be paired with Manlalakbay. Beng is quite cool to be with. During the afternoon part of the Convention, I was quite bored. I sang the Best of Times by Styx. To my surprised, she knows the song. Her choice of music is wide. She’s fun to be with. By the way, I’ll take this opportunity to promote her and her friend’s Komikera series. I find Beng’s work cerebral. However, when you got into it, it packs a punch! It is what I described “reality based” humor. I like her work. By the way, I saw an idea that will add variety to my work: a one page strip.

I have more stories to come the next time. I have work to do. Long live the independent artists!

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Gio Paredes said...

Ian, muntik na akong maiyak tungkol sa pagkaka kwento mo sa akin dito ah. :-( Masyado akong na touch...

But seriously, thanks for the kind words. If you think that the previous issue of my comics is awesome, just wait and see for Kalayaan #3 to come out(due in Feb. next year, ano ba yan nag advertise pa).

Pero sa totoo lang. Hindi naman talaga ganoon ka ganda ang gawa ko. Ang totoo nyan kinapalan ko lang talaga ang mukha ko. Sinabi ko rin iyan kay Bien. I just wanted to prove to my self that I could publish a comics. It's kinda personal thing for me because I really wanted to do this for many many years.

Many many thanks again for your very nice description of me and my work.

Now I owe you two