Monday, November 12, 2007

the danger of success and a random entry

As I’m typing this, 8 days have passed since the successful Young People’s Fellowship (YPF) Day. Based on the record that I’m holding, 78 youngsters attended the activity, including 30 youngsters in our church. Based on what I have heard from other youngsters in the new church, it is the first that the new church held that kind of activity. Although there had been inter-Baptist church fellowship that the church hosted in the past, this one’s unique because of its organization and the revival that happened. The youngsters in general had enjoyed it.

However, I reminded the Young People about the danger after the success of YPF day. I shared to them what happened to Prophet Elijah back in the Old Testament. Elijah challenged Baal’s prophets. I don’t want to give the details, but with God’s power, he emerged as a victor of that showdown. Baal’s prophets were killed (during Old Testament times, it is legal to kill false prophets) after that showdown. People who witnessed the showdown said that Elijah’s God is the True God. The showdown is a victory and a success in favor of Elijah.

When the King Ahab told Queen Jezebel about what had happened, Queen Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah. Elijah knew this because Queen Jezebel’s messenger told him. Because of this, he left his servant and went to a place. In that place, he told God his discouragement.

Although he recovered from that discouragement and Jezebel got killed later, still, it is inevitable: one should prepare himself AFTER a victory and a success. Yes, YPF day is generally a success despite some loopholes. However, one must be on guard.

Honestly, I am tempted not to have YPF activity yesterday (November 11), declaring it a rest day because of the success of the activity. However, I perceived that a Sunday break from YPF activities will lose the momentum. Instead, I continued the weekly YPF activity. I conducted an icebreaker when I’m not planning to do it (spontaneous) in the first place. The YPF activity was finished in about 70 minutes.

Random entry: I heard that 2 youngsters, both inactive in YPF, were reprimanded because of their hairstyle during the recently concluded YPF day. I heard that one of the calmest members in the church reprimanded them nicely. They were reprimanded not only of their hairstyle, but because they wore jeans on a Sunday, instead of the usual church attire.

I don’t know who among the youngsters said this, but a youngster said to that member that if they’ll change their hairstyle, they will not attend the church next Sunday.

Okay, let’s put this nicely. These kids grew up in the church. “They know the rules”, as the saying goes. They should have worn the proper attire and the proper hairstyle, even only for that day. Okay, don’t get me wrong. I’m not teaching hypocrisy. Besides, what those two youngsters demonstrated is not the issue of being real with themselves (and not hypocrites as the church haters, church rules haters, and faultfinders put it). This is the issue of arrogance on that youngster’s part. Look, the member is one of the nicest elders around. He reprimanded them calmly. Just being real? No. It is arrogance!

Again, I’m not teaching hypocrisy. We understand the mind of these youngsters because I myself had been a teenager once in my life. Personally, if they can’t really get rid of their hairstyle (because they don’t want to), they can have the “church look” on Sunday and their own look on weekdays. Okay, this may sound as hypocrisy. It’s not. What I’m trying to say that in that manner, they’re taught that there are rules to follow. In the Bible, rule benders” are not rewarded by God.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not perfect. I have my struggles also. However, what I’m trying to say is that wearing the proper hair and attire in the church is the first step for a positive change on them.

These youngsters, I believe, are better than I am, if they’ll just be teachable enough. After all, the people reprimand them are concerned to them.

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