Monday, October 1, 2007

My typical Sunday

To start this post, let me share this to you: meet my niece Ocean McKayla W. Along. She's 2 years old. She's a very playful and funny 2 year old girl. In fact, the night before I wrote this post, she made me ride on a chair that looks like a fish. Then, she began to pull me, causing me to fall. Then, she laughed at me. I laughed because of her natural humor. I laughed because at that age, she knows practical jokes. Maybe she got that from her Dad, AC. AC's your typical practical joker.

This is the usual setting every Sunday. You will usually see me in the new church from 8:30AM - 12NN. Actually, the service usually ends at around 11 or 11:30AM, but I take time to talk with the church members. It is what you call fellowship. (That's the big difference when you're in a Baptist church) Then, if Mom's not around yet (she's still attending at the Old Church despite of what happened to me. Now that is character. Kaya ba nila yun?), I'll not yet eat. While doing so, I'm either watching TV or taking a nap (being a Youth Leader of a "rookie youth ministry" is tiring in a way because you're almost doing it all) or reading/studying the Biblical lesson that I will teach in our Young People's Fellowship (YPF). Then, when Mom arrives, she herself will prepare the lunch (she really does). Lunch time. After lunch, either I will continue reading/studying my Biblical lesson or I will read other stuff or I will take a nap. Honestly, I rarely take Sunday afternoon nap these days. There is a time that I woke up at 2:30PM (and YPF is 3PM). That's the reason why I rarely take Sunday afternoon nap...NAPapatulog ako...

Fellowship time at YPF is a weekly learning experience for me. Since we are reorganizing it and half of the crowd's new with the youth fellowship system, I have the benefit of "trial and error". However, I don't take risk when the new church's principle will be compromised. I only take risk on youth programs. In youth ministry, one should give his besr shot, but one should not be a perfectionist (in its truest sense of the word). You'll never enjoy the youth ministry if you're a perfectionist.

By the way, the upper right photo was taken in our YPF. I'm the one in the orange barong. By the way, in handling the Youth Ministry, I always fulfill my promise, even if I made a promise to our youngest Youth member. I'm not that good. Back in the old church, there are other better youth leaders than I am. However, I see to it that I don't leave my youth members hanging. I admit, I say things straight. That's one thing I like with the youth members, they know when to listen to me. They trust my leadership, and I thanked God for that. Because of that trust in my leadership, I don't want to shortchange them. In return, I give my best every Sunday. By God's grace, YPF is seeing its potential.

After YPF, there is the evening service. After the evening service, I ate dinner with my family, most of the time, together with AC, Sarah, and Ocean.

There are times that AC will request that I sleep over in his house.

That is my typical Sunday (bow)

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Forge said...

Your neice is cute....Almost as cute as my nephew.