Thursday, October 4, 2007

I don't have a car (again).

I don’t have a car (again). The rough estimate, excluding other spare parts not mentioned, is worth around PhP 19, 000. Oh well, when one has a car, one should be responsible. Being responsible car owner doesn’t mean you will just go to the repair shop when the damage is there (although that is one of them). You’ll take care of it. Not just the water from radiator, not just the brake, not just battery, not just the tire, not just bringing them to the car wash. Especially when you’re working in Malabon City, you need to check what is happening underneath. Salt water and the salt water breeze causes cars to rust quickly.

Oh well, no matter how long I typed this post, still, it’s my fault: I neglected my car anew. I'm expecting that i will not have a car for 1 week...or at worse, maybe 2. I'm expecting that it will not cost me PhP 20, might reach until PhP 30, 000.

Not to justify the negligence, but among 3 cars, this one gives me the headache. I don't know why. I'm more careful with my stuff these days compare with those 2 cars. Oh well, I don't believe "bad luck". Oh well, it's there. We can't do something about that. However, I just hope and pray that I can get it in less than a week.

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