Thursday, October 18, 2007

distractions distractions distractions

As I have promised, I’ll share to you something. It is about an excommunicated member of the old church. Before I go to the story itself, let me established some things so that you’ll understand.

Actually, he is AC’s (big brothrer) classmate back in our Christian school days (AC and he are both batch ’96; I’m batch ‘97). It can be said that he’s a childhood friend because I’ve known him since our elementary days and he’s AC’s friend back then. Years later, according to the information I gathered and based also on my personal encounters with him, he committed fornication. Sources said that she’s a preacher’s kid (although personally, I find the girl snobbish, though she’s not that pretty [euphemism implied he he he]). The girl told the case to the church authorities (this is true). I don’t know if this one is true, but according to what I have heard, she cried rape. This is not only his case in the church. Once, he stole a mobile phone from an old church member (this is true). This member, a wife of one of Henry Sy’s architect, is quite smart. She posed as a “textmate” so that that guy will text her. That guy even invited her to church. It was a “buy bust”. He was caught in the act. He had no choice but to admit his act in front of the deacons (I assumed the old church pastor is also there). That time, he has a tricycle. Sources said that he used this to accompany church girls to their way home. This is an odd information (I don’t know if this is true): he requests these girls one favor: a kiss on the cheek (how stupid if that is true. He does that to minors. He can be jailed for that. Besides, these are church girls, and he is a church guy. I find “messing your own backyard” scary (if you know what I mean).

These acts took its toll in the church. This act of his made it worst: he tried to influence the former old church pastor and his wife. Not only that, he also talked to some church members. If you’re a church goer, you know that this is called “talebearer”. In addition, if you’re a church goer, you know that what he’s doing is “dividing the brethren” or “causing the members to be divided instead of having one common goal or thought”. If you’re familiar with the Bible, the Bible said that this type of person should be “marked”, meaning “to stay away from”. After long investigation, he was excommunicated by the church, in broad daylight (morning service, where the church attendance is at its highest), with all deacons standing behind the pulpit (my excommunication is different; it was done in the evening (fewer members), and only Pastor is the one standing behind the pulpit. Meaning, he was forced to do that decision because he knows what’s the story why I did what I did). As far as I can remember, this happened around year 2000 or 2001. By the way, he was excommunicated because he’s starting to divide the brethren. Then, something happened: some of the audio equipments in the church were missing; he stole it.

Fast forward today. That same guy is now working in a collecting firm. He’s sort of a messenger. Because of this, he always drops by in our office, as a collector. We are nice to him, but not on a personal level (it’s office hours). Then one day, a Pastor (my ex’s Pastor) told me that he wanted to see me. He wanted to say something. We met in a place. Now, here’s the story: the Pastor told me that that same guy is trying to manipulate my ex-girlfriend and her family. He’s telling my ex-girlfriend that I’m now attending in the old church (without her approval). He also added to her that the old church is unfair, being biased in this case. He also said that the old church pastor is favoring us because of our so-called “status”. If my ex’s family is right, that guy is inviting my ex-girlfriend to “destroy Pastor Jerry”. He’s using her hatred for me so that he can have it his way. It is manipulation. Whoa. I laughed at the news at first because the old church people can prove that he’s lying. However, I was also disgusted with that guy because it is outright rebellion. Yes, I admit that I was sad with the church’s decision to me, but what the guy did is outright rebellion. You know what? He made the matters worse than it should be.

According to my information, the girl that he had sex with backed out on the case (I don’t know why); that means it’s a closed book. However, he stole equipments. He almost divided the brethren. Thus, what he needs is talk to the old church pastor, fix things up, and have a public apology (maybe in broad daylight also). In addition, he needs to pay for what he had stolen.

Indeed, he made it worst. Not only did he do the old church wrong, he also did wrong to another Pastor and his church. Two churches. All because of his lying tongue.

Looking back what I did, I thanked God for people that advised me to fix this with the old church pastor. I did my best to fix things up. In my case, I talked to the old church pastor. They gave a condition: my ex should forgive me. Because she’s not ready yet, I’m not allowed to publicly apologize. I do admit I share what happened to me in the old church with other people, but I acknowledged what I really did wrong. Plus, I share it to people not connected to the old church (one way or the other) whatsoever. Again, I admit what I REALLY DID wrong.

I boldly say that this type of act deserves shunning to the one who did this, unless he admitted his faults. Honestly, he should be the one who “deserves” the “shunning”. Unless he humbled himself, he must be shunned.

In my case, I tried my best. I am very much ready to face the crowd, but the old church said it’s not yet time. Because of that, the burden’s no longer mine, I’m no longer guilty of all this. Thus, I’m trying to tell to the youth leaders there that pride is not the reason why I’m not yet back – the church (through the old church pastor) decided for me not to go back yet.
Again, this is a form of distraction. First, it’s the failure of my comprehensive exam for the 2nd time, then this news. The Young People’s Fellowship Day (YPF Day) is coming near (November 4). YPF is initiated in order to glorify God through revival (churches were invited also). The “enemy” hated this activity. Thus, the “enemy” is creating distractions.

I hope and pray to the Lord God that the YPF day will push through, by hook or by crook.

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