Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bob Ong and F. Sionil Jose's books that I bought.

I bought two books yesterday and two comic digests (Superheroes and Topak). These two books are: Olvidon by F. Sionil Jose and Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas by Bob Ong. By the way, don't be shocked by the title. The book is not Satanic in nature. In my opinion, it's like Bob Ong gathered his blog posts, an editor edited the blog, gathered the posts together, in this little black, folio size, soft bound book (makes me wanna do the same with GradS Tayo in the future). Presto, it's a hit, especially to high school and college students, even to graduate students.

Bob Ong have 5 books now as I'm writing this post: A B N K K B S N P L A ko?! , Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino?, Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, Alamat ng Gubat, and Stainless Longganisa. I still don't have Alamat ng Gubat. I don't know what happen with the other 3 books (mahanap nga uli yun).

One thing that is appealing with Bob Ong books is the presence of wit in all of these books. According to one of these books, he didn't finish a Bachelor's degree, but an associate degree (please correct me on this if I'm wrong). That makes me admire this fellow more. He has the gift.

Like I said, I bought this Bob Ong book yesterday during lunch; I finished the book today, at lunchtime, while eating burger steak (no choice. Malayo ang Bodhi and Greens eh) and Chocolate Sundae. Actually, last night, I'm almost through with (20 pages left) it, but because I'm sleepy, and it's past 12 midnight, I just sleep.

Aside from Olvidon, I have two other F. Sionil Jose books (all in all, as far as my memory is concerned, he has 19 works: The Pretenders and My Brother, My Executioner. Honestly, i don't like tragedy (both of them are). Frankly, i just bought F. Sionil Jose's two books out of curiousity. Still, i was not frustrated.

By the way, as of this post, I'm page 4 of Olvidon. Too bad I can't read it in one sitting because I have othe rthings to do.

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