Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"A Youngster Had His Day"

A youngster has his day,
A day in which he can have his way
Reckless as he can be,
A youngster like you and me.

He said all what he wanted to say,
Indeed, it is really his day.
When other people do what he did,
Expect some lashing for that deed.

He’s enviable because of this,
The forgivable deeds of his.
Why is this youngster,
Seems like he does not ponder?

Despite a goat in his batch,
His charm is still can not be match.
Yet a youngster that is a baron,
Other people treat him like a moron.

Sarcasm is that youngster’s word
Still, no one to him is bored.
He seems smart because of what he has.
A charm that seems believable for a lass.

He’s like James Dean,
A rebel without a cause.
This attitude he had is so mean,
Indeed, a rebel with no cause.

A youngster indeed had his day,
He always had his way.
Reckless he had been,
Yet life for him had not been mean.

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