Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two toxic straight days

My two straight days (September 22 and 23) were marked with this distinction: driving to and fro. After office, I went to Pancake House – Congressional branch to eat my late lunch. After that, I went to the house to change my clothes. Then, I went to Kuya’s house in Pugad Lawin. It’s Ocean’s 2nd birthday. Kuya’s not around because he need to go to Makati in a specific competition. Actually, he’s just lately informed. In other words, nagkasubuan na. Biglaan. So, he requested that I accompany Sarah (his wife) and Ocean to the birthday venue somewhere in Quezon Avenue.

We went to the venue at around 6:30PM. Ocean really enjoyed it. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she didn’t want to go home even if there are no more guests. I also enjoyed at the birthday because I have many laughs with my cousins and Sarah’s friends.

Yes, I tend to be suplado but when I laugh, I laugh a lot…and out loud. Good thing mom never reprimanded from such “unguarded moments”. I accompanied Sarah, Ocean, Manang Osang, Anna, and Maricel home. I stayed there for a while. I wanted to sleep there or stay there longer, but because I need to go to Pastor Abel Bernardo’s house at around 8AM the next day, I told Sarah that I will go home in Tandang Sora. I arrived at Tandang Sora at around 11PM.

The next day, without eating any breakfast, I went to Pastor Abel’s house near Munoz Market. Pastor Abel is with his wife Connie, their kids Dwight, Pauleen, Camille, and Keziah. In that Sunday morning, Pastor Abel had been a blessing in the new church. Like a teacher as he is, Pastor Abel motivated the church members well. In fact, they clapped their hands because of the trick that he did (although a former youth leader said that he knew how Pastor Abel did it [I don’t know if he’s unimpressed; ganun naman pag hindi active sa church, matalino pa sa speaker or he knows better]. I told him that that’s the beauty of magic trick is how the trick was done, not really the “mystery”.) God used Pastor Abel’s ability so that God’s Word will be preached.

After the blessed morning service, the new church pastor, his 2nd daughter, his right hand man, Pastor Abel, Pastor Abel’s whole family, and yours truly lunch out to Max’s – Congressional. It’s not really the food; it is the wonderful fellowship and blessings that you talk to two Pastors, and a Preacher. After that wonderful lunch, I went back home. I stayed there for only 30 minutes. Then, together with the new church, we went to a Baptist church (name undisclosed due to security reasons.) and I was chosen as a judge in their competitions. At around 5PM, I went to Pastor Abel’s house and accompanied them to the new church. Still, the evening was as blessed as the morning. The message was good, because it both encouraged the members (myself including) and reminded them of our negligence as a Baptist Christian.

The service ended at around 7:30PM. Pastor Abel, his family, and I, went to Jollibee – Cherry Foodarama to eat our dinner. (Pastor Abel has been a mentor to me. Most of my leadership style, I got from him.) By the way, both meals, lunch and dinner, were shouldered by the new church pastor and Pastor Abel respectively (that’s the reason why if these pastors requested something, I find it hard to resist. These pastors are generous and selfless.)

I arrived home at around 11PM. When I arrived home, all I want to do are two things: lie down and sleep. It may be tiring two days, but the fact that the reason behind it is because I helped those people that matter to me most and vice versa: my family and a caring mentor. It is natural for me to give time and energy to people who care for me. Especially at this point of time, especially after that part of my life called “temporary kick out” happened to me, I began to spend my energy more into my family and caring mentors (like Pastor Abel and Pastor James). I began to see fallen brethren in a better, more Christ-like manner.

It is tiring two days, but I don’t care: I learned, I helped other people, I was blessed.

Random Note: If ever I’ll name my comic company (if GradS Tayo will be regularly out as an indie), I’ll name it “Kickout” and I’ll have a shoe shape logo. No, it’s not to hit the old church, but I’ll put that failure in my life as a stepping stone for improvement. J

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