Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PNU to be merged with UP? Hmmmmm...

I deleted all my posts at Yes I did. All journal entries will be put here. Friendster is my access to my old church friends. My Deviant Art account will focus more on my works (be it poetry and comics strip). My muultiply account? Well, it's another access to my friends, especially the people in UE.

Is it true? According to a source, the Philippine Normal University will be merged to University of the Philippines. If my source is right (IF), instead of PNU, it will become UP-College of Education. Actually, thsi news is not new to me. Last year, an accounting student from UE-Recto (an academic scholar in that University) told me that same news. Last week (September 22), another source told me (from PNU)

I didn't know the extent of this information that's why i use the word "if". If this is true, many questions, from simple to technically complex, will arise. Will the tuition fee increase dramatically because it had been merged with UP? How about those students, especially 2nd year, 3rd year, and graduate students who are not yet taking their thesis (like me, who is expecting to graduate at 2008)? In what extent will they be affected? Granting it is true, does that mean we can now put "UP" in our resume instead of "PNU" (for prestige sake, FACE IT)?

Honestly speaking, I don't know what is the rationale of all this (ayaw kong magmarunong) IF this is true. However, my opinion is this: the UP people just can't accept the reality that PNU always top the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), with a looping 80-something percent (though Dr. Jesus A. Ochave, VP for Planning, Research, and Extension, said he's not satisfied with it). PNU has a prestige of its own. Mapua (Engineering) has a prestige of its own. Adamson (Chemistry), DLSU (Communications related courses, and Business Courses), Ateneo and San Beda (Law), have their own specialty, why not let it stay that way?

How about a partnership instead of merging? Oh well, if this will really push through, reality bites: PNU and UP are state universities (with UP being the ultimate State U). If this pushed through in the Philippine Congress, we can't do something about.

However, may our leaders in the field of tertiary education, together with the two universities' board of regents, act wisely on this.

Okay, in the spirit of studying the issue, I'll do my best to get credible information regarding this one. I'll try to ask the PNU people and, if possible, some UP people.

If this will come true, that means I can say that I graduated in UP (har har har...they get our prestige in the field of teaching education, I'll put their prestigious name in my credentials...consider it even). If this is not true, that means I can proudly say that I graduated in Philippine Normal University (College of Graduate Studies).

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