Thursday, September 27, 2007

This place that I went

I went to a vegetarian restaurant named Greens. It is located right in Scout Castor. There food is quite good. The place is cozy, not fancy. I will go back to that place for their good food. What makes it even better is that it is vegetarian. No, I can't follow the vegetarian lifestyle, especially when I'm living with my Mom. However, when I had my apartment in Sta. Mesa last year, I followed that diet for the about 2 months. The result? My skin improved. My skin was fairer. My weight? Well, it’s another story.

This is the veggie wrap that I ate at Greens Restaurant. It tastes good. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the other food that I ate (Tofu Kebab. By the way, they serve kebabs in 2's, not to mention the rice). Complimented with Daladan Juice, all in all, I spent PhP 225.00. Not bad. The place, like I said, is cozy, not too fancy (I like it that way). No wonder my favorite TV hosts Sam Oh said that she eats there because of their "not-so-expensive" food. The food tastes good there. Try it. The vegetarians will not be disappointment.

The food tastes good. Expect me to go back there. In fact, as I’m typing this entry, I invited my cousin Erika that we eat there after work.

By the way, Mom reminded for overspending my credit card privileges. She said that I spend around P4, 800 in just one week! When I saw the statement of account, my August 31 credit card expenses were recorded as September (I spent around P2, 400 in that day alone. Thus, my credit card expenses were recorded as around P4, 800). Good thing that I found a way how to pay it. Again, I mismanaged my money. Again, I’ll do my best to bounce back from this and try to use my credit card wisely.

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theta000 said...

naks naman!!! mukang masarap uh...

hmm. naku baka pag may cc na rin ako, baka mapagastos din ako.. mejo gastadera din ako...

pero at least, nice to know na nahandle mo ung credit mo... as they say, hinay [nagsalita ang magastos.. bwahahahaha]

teecee kuya! :]