Thursday, September 20, 2007

hey there...people

hey there, fellow bloggers...actually i have a friendster and a multiply blog and a D.A. journal. However, it never hurts to create a blog in which I can really, really, shooooouuuut!!! My friendster account is more on my friends in the old church. There are things that I don't want the old church people to read from me. Besides, they might misquote me. My Multiply account is for people at my mountaineer buddies. My D.A. is, yes, more into the arts I'm into.

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theta000 said...

ahihihi... nice to know that naman.. hmm. tama tama, wala namang kaso na gumawa ka rin ng blogger account. hehe. para may kasama ako dito na kakilala ko at mejo kaclose... hehe.. di kasi kami close ni kuya poporn saka ni ate rakistangnars... hehe.. *hug*

teecee kuya! =)