Friday, September 28, 2007

GREENS: Healthy food, Cozy Place, at a Reasonably Affordable Price.

I went again to Greens. This time, however, i brought with me my cousins PB and Erika, together with PB's wife Ivy. They enjoyed the healthy meal. By the way, it all cost PhP 685.00 (about US $15). Not bad. And this one here, there Tofu Kebab, is one of their "expensive" ones. This tastes really good (in fact, Erika took a few bites on this). This one cost around PhP 105.00 (US $2.23). Again, not bad. Like I said, the room is cozy, not fancy. When you enter into this place, mapapahiya ka lang dahil tahimik dito. Again, this is a good place. Healthy food, cozy place, nice acoustic music (I can't download it here). The owners, Mary Ann and Wally, are accomodating (keep it up!).

Where is this place? It's in Scout Castor. (Plugging ba ito? Ok lang.) Where is Scout Castor? It's in Brgy. South Triangle. You can see that street if you're walking/driving/riding (a commuter vehicle) along Tomas Morato.

Hope you enjoy the food and the place there.

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theta000 said...

wow naksy naks.. mukang masarap ang tofu kebab.. *giggle*